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Q1) When do you ship your products?

All products are sent to the post office on Monday's and this is because USPS does not deliver on Sunday's. To get your order faster to you, I feel it is most convenient to ship out on Monday's so USPS can utilize most of the business days they have. Around holidays, I ship out weeks before the holiday because USPS will be the most busy during that time. This is to make sure your product gets to you before the holiday or at least on time I ship out early to give room for delays.

Q2) How much is shipping?

I provide the option to get free shipping if you order one sticker pack or a few stickers. Due to pricing of my other products, you can get free shipping on orders $14.99 and under! All free shipping orders will not have tracking and the ones with shipping fees will provide tracking.

Q3) What can I do with your products?

All of my products as of mid-2021 are decór items. My stickers are perfect for journals, scrapbooking, diaries, and adding them to sketchbooks! I do not recommend using them on reusable water bottles or Hydroflasks because while they are splash proof, they cannot be wet and scrubbed without damaging them. For my art prints, most are mini which are perfect pieces for spicing up desk spaces, small empty spaces on walls, and even to bring life to bookshelves! To prevent them from discoloration, please keep them out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. I also have standard print sizes that are perfect for your walls!

Q4) What is your return policy?

I am able to accept returns if the order was damaged during transit and has been reported within the first 24 hours of receiving the package. Photo evidence must be provided prior to shipping back the order and all tracked orders include return slips just in case of incidences. All damaged products regardless of tracked shipping or not MUST be sent back to me in order to receive your refund.


(if you have any more questions, please feel free to email me at:

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