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About Ka

Q1. Who am I?

Hi, I am Ka Marie and I am the founder of Ka's Portfolio! I started this as a 19-year old in 2020 because creating art is my dream. I have been creating art as an amateur ever since I learned to pick up a pencil, which would be about 3-years old! Art to me is a form of self expression and helps me whenever I feel like my feelings are oppressed. I am currently in university studying for my Studio Art BA and should graduate around 2023-2024. The experience so far has been very informative and it has definitely helped me with my own art as well! Ultimately, my dream is to sell art for a living whether it is from my art shop or I am booked with commissions! I am grateful for every client and customer that comes through here and I hope you enjoy the art created here!

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Q2. Why did you decide to open an art shop?

I originally made this website and shop to spread my art to others since people liked what I created, but as I am continuing the journey as a young entrepreneur I realized that I want to make something of this brand as well as my art. I am hoping that through my art more people will ultimately become more environmentally aware and take action to help our planet!


Most of the pieces that you will see sold in my shop cover topics relating to the environment and nature as well as the incorporation of more people of color. I decided to make my art based around those topics because they correlate to my values and views.

I believe that most people will not be aware of what is happening in the world until they see or inform themselves. For example, I create art relating to endangered animals to inform more people about their endangerment and providing information as well as other resources so they have the opportunity to help. Not only do they gain some knowledge about those animals, but they are also left with a piece of art for them to own. In addition, majority of the art provided is nature themed in order to help you create calming/relaxing safe spaces whether it's through decorating, journaling, or even meditating!

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Q3. What kind of products do you make?

I offer art prints, journaling stickers, clay trinkets, and even some stationery goods! The art prints are for decorating your potential safe space, while journaling stickers are to help spice up the pages as you write your thoughts. The clay trinkets like an incense holder can decorate as well as hold stick incense to help with relaxing or meditating, and stationery goods like mini sketchbooks enables you to take you potential safe space anywhere.

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Q4. What is your primary medium for art?

I grew up drawing with a graphite pencil as my main medium, but I pick up clay work and sculpting fairly easily. As I got older, I graduated from graphite pencils to ballpoint pens. I can work with graphite, ink, paint, clay, colored pencils, as well as charcoal/pastels but I prefer to work with ballpoint pens. I did not start using digital art until I graduated high school in 2019, but it is more convenient for school because I travel from home to school and vice versa a lot. 

About Ka: Bio
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